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Laurence’s stellar track record of hustling for side gigs inspired me to make moves. Her advice and encouragement were crucial in informing my transition from full-time employment to contract work.


EdTech Consultant, New York

Hi! I’m Laurence Bradford, creator of Learn to Code With Me. Side gigs hold a special place in my heart, because that’s how my own journey in tech began. 

Shortly after I began learning to code, I landed a gig as an assistant to a web developer. It gave me a much-needed inside view of the industry and the chance to practice my new skills in a hands-on way.

I pieced together more “side gigs” to earn an income as a freelancer while I traveled through Asia.

Heck, even Learn to Code With Me started as a side gig (and I’m still pinching myself that I was able to take it full-time). 

Side gigs are the perfect “toe in the water” to build up your experience and confidence as you transition into tech. I’m excited to share these 28 ideas with you today :) 

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